Workshop information and Schedule

February 16
10 AM
Griffith Park, just south of the pony rides

Hi! Thank you for registering for Sound as Object, a field recording workshop. We will be meeting this coming Saturday!

In preparation, see the map with logistical locations in red and potential places to field record in green. You can also click the map to be taken to the location in Google Maps. Additionally, see below for a list of what you should bring and a schedule.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone! Note, if you registered but know that you will not be attending, please let us know so that we can make room for others. Thank you!

What to bring

  • Clothing appropriate for walking

  • An umbrella if it is supposed to drizzle

  • Audio recording device and multitrack audio editing software  (per group)

    • iPhone/iPad with Ferrite downloaded or 

    • handheld recorder & laptop running multitrack audio editing software (we recommend the free program Audacity, available for both Windows and MacOS) or

    • Android phone or tablet – Please note that neither of the organizers have access to Android hardware so we were not able to test this software, but this and this look capable of editing audio. If you do have an Android device, the best workflow may be to use a voice recorder app that will quickly and easily allow you to make recordings in the field and then transfer those recordings onto a computer or into one of the two apps linked above.

  • If you have questions about what to bring, please let me know. I’m very happy to help you out with your equipment or provide you with some!

Saturday’s Schedule:

10:00–10:10   Participants arrive at Meeting Place (see map)

10:10–10:30   Short introduction to the workshop 

10:30–11:00   Draw graphic score

11:00–01:00  Field record (At ~12:45 start heading back to George Jensen's House, 3747 Arbolada Rd. Note: the house is more easily accessible via the alley that runs behind it, highlighted in red on the map. The address is clearly marked from the alley and there are a few parking spots for those who would prefer to drive from the park.)

01:00–02:00 Meet at George’s to edit

02:00–03:00   Share compositions over PA system

Contact information

Daniel Tovar

George’s Address
3747 Arbolada Rd (see map for an explanation of the best way to get there)